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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are not all-inclusive and are provided to answer basic questions a regarding my lease agreements.  Tenants should carefully read any lease agreement and all attachments prior to signing.  All tenants are provided with my phone number and email alias.  I ask tenants to call or email (preferred) anytime to discuss any issue regarding their home.  My view is that my tenants are my customer, and I want my customers to be happy customers.  As such, I will respond Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Occasionally, I go out of town which may delay my response.

All that said, my commitment to my tenants is to be the best landlord possible. 

Appliances.  Over the nearly 20 years I have owned rental properties, I have learned that most tenants desire to lease a home without a refrigerator or washer and dryer.  So, my homes are typically leased without these appliances.  That said, I am able to provide a refrigerator and washer/dryer pair for an added monthly cost which is determined by what I have available and whether I must go purchase them.  Once added to the lease, they remain on the lease in perpetuity for the duration of the lease, including any lease extensions.

Safety Issues.  The safely of my tenants is very important to me.  All homes are equipped with the requisite safety features, such as deadbolts, smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, and a kitchen fire extinguisher.  Tenants are asked to contact me regarding any issue which may compromise the safety of you, your family, or your guests.  I will make every effort to assess the risk and determine a proper course of action to resolve the issue.  Safety issues include items like broken deadbolts, dying, diseased or dead trees.

Application for Rental.  

Lease Agreements.  

Lease Qualifications.




Although each property is completely renovated as detailed in The Renovation Guide upon purchase, all homes need continual, on-going maintenance.  Between tenants, we make repairs and perform upgrades to maintain the home in livable condition commensurate with comparable homes in The Woodlands, Texas.  My homes frequently rent for 10-15% more than the same house elsewhere in The Woodlands because they are well maintained.  All that said, prospective tenants are renting the property in AS-IS condition.  With regard to maintenance of a property, renting is not much different than owning.  Tenants are responsible for the cost of all repairs up to the repair deductible.  We must pre-approve all repairs where costs will exceed the tenant's repair deductible, otherwise, the tenant is responsible for the entire cost of the repair.  Landlord pays for AC/heating repairs unless, in the opinion of the AC technician, damages are due to tenant's negligence.  Tenants are responsible for the cost to clear clogged drains.

Cold Weather & Freezing Pipes.

Tenants must educate themselves and take precautions required to prevent any property damage due to freezing weather.  Tenants are responsible for all damage due to freezing pipes.

On-going Maintenance.

Tenants are asked to care for the home as if it were theirs.  As such, tenants should regularly address the typical issues that come with living in a home, such as the following items. 

  • change the a/c filter monthly
  • maintain clean rain gutters
  • replace light bulbs
  • exterminate for pests as needed
  • maintain batteries in smoke and CO detectors


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