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The Renovation Guide

Initial Prep.  Upon purchase, each home is thoroughly inspected, renovated, and placed into pristine condition before it is leased.  During the inspection, I identify all issues which need immediate attention as well as those issues which are likely to require attention in the near future.  While it is impossible to anticipate all repairs, my approach is proactive and forward-looking.  During this initial renovation, I look not only for maintenance issues, but I also bring the home up to spec with comparable homes in The Woodlands; for example, I replace all linoleum with ceramic tile, add ceiling fans where appropriate, and improve lighting.  During renovation is when I also install all requisite safety features, such as deadbolts and smoke detectors.  All work items are then categorized, prioritized, and addressed.  This results in an exceptionally pristine home that is safe, clean, and as close to maintenance-free as possible. Folks, when I'm through, each home looks and functions better than new.

Safety Issues.  The safely of my tenants is very important to me.  All homes are equipped with the requisite safety features, such as GFCIs, deadbolts, peep-holes, smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, and a kitchen fire extinguisher. Some homes include floodlamps that are activated by activity at night.  Some homes include a 3rd-party intrusion-detection system.  I ask tenants to contact me regarding any issue which may compromise the safety of their family or guests.  I will then quickly assess and resolve the issue. Safety issues include items such as broken deadbolts, or dying, diseased or dead trees.

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